Since it’s a WoW Blog I’ll share only the information connected with WoW itself and my characters. If you want to get know more about the RL me please visit Fafiq’s blog


I started playing WoW some time ago, but on private servers only. Being a poor guy in high school meant I didn’t have cash for paying fee once per 2 months. Of course those private servers did suck, since my favorite class at that time was one of the most bugged ones, which is Hunter.

6 moths ago I went into real WoW life, joining the global community, on the same server my friends did (Burning Legion EU) and made my hunter. Hunter made his way up to 80 in August this year and was played some time as a great dps in some raids and normal 5-man HC. Then I thought hunters are so easy that I just have to check cooldowns since the only long cast skill is Steady Shot. I thought “Why not trying a class which is believed to be one of the  hardest classes right now” So I started a Shadow Priest.

Now he’s lvl 77, hoping to get 80 this week. This blog is about him, my adventures  playing him, in raiding, in 5-man’s

Hope you will like it!


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