I’m 80… what now?

Sorry for not posting for more than a week. Was busy with RL and my Spriest just got 80 so I was using every possible occasion for gearing him up.

As topic mentions our today subject will be our first actions when we ding 80, hear those „GZ”, „grats” etc. from our guildmates.


First thing to do is to check our talents build. A nice sample build found here. You can of course move some points between talents according to your preferences. When you don’t have mana problems I’d advise you to get points from Focused Mind into Imp. Shadow Form (fade as a desnare+lesser/none casting problems might really improve your dps)


As all classes on level 80 we have access to 3 Major and 3 Minor glyphs. When talking about major ones the choices are most often very similar or even the same. First one will be Glyph of Shadow, next one Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain and the last one Glyph of Mindflay. Most people have variations when talking about the last glyph. Some say that Glyph of Shadow Word: Death will increase our dps a little, whereas Mindflay just extends our filling spell cast rage for 10y. This can be really helpful, especially at the beginning when we’re not used to range of our spells. Talking about minor glyphs there’s plenty to choose, although the most often ones are Glyph of Levitate (yeah Fly spam!), Glyph of Fortitude/Shadow Protection (much less mana usage when buffing) and Glyph of Shadow Fiend. Last one is getting more and more nerfed, because our fiend is going to die much less than he used to some time ago.


Next thing we should think about is of course our gear.

Main thing we have to get information on is what are the best items for us at the beginning of the 80’s. How to do that? The best way is to visit Shadowpriest.com and check this thread. Tanis posted here a nice list of equips you should consider to wear and get while having our newborn 80.

Things to remember

– remember that the first priority for our dps not slacking should be reaching the hit cap. For casters it’s 17%, which is 446 Hit rate. This looks quite huge. Yeah it does but we’re in a small advantage. We got 2 talents which decrease those numbers to 288.8 HR (let’s say 290 HR). Those are Shadow Focus (that appears in the Tier2 of our shadow tree) and Misery (which is a debuff given to our target when some spells are casted, talent has the same name and it is somewhere in half way in our shadow tree) Now those talents give us a 6% reduction of Hit Cap. Now it’s only 11%. And it really is easily achieved. Even by enchants or gems (which will be talked about later).

Ok, but it’s my blog and I should post my own equipment list. Here it is.

To create this one I used MaxDPS.com. Personally I’ve got Inscription and Alchemy so I added things that could be created with those professions.

Ok, let’s say we did the list, we got our talents, glyphs. What now? Now you should start going to some Heroic (HC) instances. That’s the best way to get geared up, get used to your spells, find out what it really is to be a shadow priest.

Last thing that shouldn’t be omitted is our rotation when in a fight. There are many schools on this subject. The most popular choice is casting our spells in this order

Vampiric Touch (VT) => Mind Blast (MB) => Devouring Plague (DP) => Mind Flay (MF, we should use just 2 ticks of it to get Shadow Weaving to 5, but as a newbie you can use it fully)=> Shadow Word: Pain (SW:P)

Now you should start worrying about keeping all DoT’s on uptime and have MB on cooldown. When doing neither of those things cast MF. When moving or when there are 2 or less seconds of MB cooldown/DoT duration cast Shadow Word: Death (SW:D). Remember of course to check your HP from time to time.

This rotation allows pumping as much damage as possible in short period of time. We start off with VT, our highest dps DoT, then MB, our nuke which additionally triggers Refreshment from VT. DP is a natural choice as it both deals instant damage from Imp. DP talent and adds another DoT. MF makes our SW 5 and then we can cast SW:P, when it has most buffing from effects on us. In most fights you won’t have to worry about it anymore since your MF will refresh it’s duration on the target (the only exception is when you have any +% dmg buff on you or +crit chance buff on you, which you didn’t have at first casting of SW:P)

I think that’s all for our basic knowledge what to do when we get our Spriest to a brand new lvl 80:D

Cheers and gz for that 80

If you have any suggestions or wanna ask something feel free to comment.