Interesting sites you might want to visit as a Shadow Priest

Since this blog is more a hatchling than a adult blog now, I’ll try to add some stuff than can help us theoretically understand situation of spriests in terms of news, changes, information needed and the one interesting but not a “must know” thing.

So what are the sites Shadow Priests should visit, to be up-to-date with all the changes, theorycrafting etc?

Firstly, the one and only . This is the best, most often quoted, best informed site about our shadow power. You’ll find there quite interesting info concerning tactics, rotations, theorycrafting, even addons and macroes. Also has an additional section for our kin in shadow power locks and other spell casters => mages, druids and shamans. Probably should be our numberr 1 at the most often viewed site for Spriesting (not the number 1 viewed at all, cause this will come in a second)

Elitist Jerks

Next will be beloved by many, hated probably by the same amount. This is a totally different than the one mentioned before. If I say you should start thinking “Yeah, great page. Lot’s of info about spriests in general, both pve and pvp with a small dosage of other classes”. When I say Elitist Jerks you’re thought should go to a “one of the most sophisticated site about pve raiding specifically, with lots of numbers, theorycrafts and what’s most important for all classes, not just for spriests. You can be almost sure to find the specific numbers concerning your current problem, as well as other advice with good argument behind it.


This one is well known. One of the best info sites, sharing news about WoW, it’s lore, events and other stuff that can be cool but not always helpful in terms of, let’s say, game tactics. Currently also shares with us info about PTR of Icecrown, class changes etc. Good to visit, good to watch. I admit that it’s my nr 1 checked site about WoW.


In case you are really a newbie and you don’t know the basic site This really is the most basic info site.

Useful gear sites:
 You can check what gear will give you most dps from certain drop areas (HC, Raids, Emblems, etc)
This one will tell you whether you’re ready for those Ulduar things. Scans your equip and puts points for it. Adds gem points, ench points etc. All points summed give you your score and it’s compared with the typical requirements for a certain instance. Color of bards shows you  if you’re ready for it.

That will be all for now. Will be adding then while posting new content.

Maybe you have interesting sites, which can be useful? Share them with me in comments